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2014 Michelle Harris Teacher of the Year Celebration
Tuesday, March 11th

2014 Michelle Harris TOY
Jody Emmerich
ECSE - Lincoln Education Center

There were a total of 22 nominees for the 2014 Michelle Harris TOY award including
Thea Zitzow
Diana Hedstrom
Pam Kruger
Craig Bahr
Jill Schramel
Jenna Pipek
Dan Jorgenson
Nicky Courneya
Karla Cummings
Kathryn Haugrud
Jan Hoganson
April Sunram
Kari Gloege
Kristi Joppru
Deb Tucker
Kristen Blom
Gail Kotschevar
Anne Swanson
Kathy Larson
Steve Fode
Rob Nielsen
Jill Perkins

Denise Kettner was given an award for her excellent leadership and dedication to EMDL. 
Thank you Denise!

2014 Retirees
Sue Borstad, Shan Manke, Denise Kettner, Ruth King, Kathy Simison & Fran Crowley