2016 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to the Nominees for

2016 Teacher of the Year!

Teacher of the year Celebration

Tuesday, March 29th

American Legion at 4:15 p.m.

Thank you for attending the 2016 Teacher of the Year Award Ceremony and congratulations to the recipients. A teacher was voted in at each school to be recognized as the Teacher of the Year candidate for the Detroit Lakes School District. At the Awards Ceremony, one the five finalists was drawn from a hat to be chosen as the 2016 Teacher of the Year.

Congratulations to Genna Underdahl. Genna is an elementary teacher at Roosevelt Elementary.

Area Learning Center:

Cara Myers

At the ALC, this person is an excellent special education teacher! It is very evident that she cares about her students and goes to great lengths to help them succeed. She’s also an important part of the ALC staff. She works hard and runs with activities and events. She is a leader in the building. The teachers are grateful to have her as a peer and a friend.

High School:

Karen Trout

At the high school, this person is an excellent teacher! She is always willing to help students and work with them. Her students gain an appreciation for mathematics. Her delivery and organizational teaching style enables students to work hard and do well in her class. She is one of the best teachers at DLHS. DLHS is lucky to have her at their school. She makes every student feel important. She teaches all students with the same enthusiasm. She does an excellent job presenting the material to her students. Her students’ best interest always comes first.

Middle School:

Nicky Courneya

At the middle school, this person is super positive and very patient. She comes up with creative strategies to help all students be successful. She is super organized! She is constantly making her decisions on what is best for her students. She is a leader in the school and is willing to try new things. She always finds the best teaching strategies for her students. Her students and the teachers at the middle school think she’s awesome!


Jan Hoganson

At Rossman, this person is respected by the staff for her dedication. She is great with kids and caring of all. She has a gentle manner that lets kids know how much she cares about them. She does her job everyday. She is a silent leader as she mentors teachers. She is willing to listen when you need someone to talk to. She has a humble nature which makes it extremely easy and enjoyable to work with her. She is committed as she even teaches summer school. She is willing to try new ideas. Kids leave first grade prepared for second grade. She never complains. She is an all around awesome teacher!


Genna Underdahl

At Roosevelt, this person thoughtfully designs a comfortable and encouraging learning environment for her students. she goes above and beyond in her daily preparation. She’s involved on committees and also is a team player. She has an excellent rapport with her students and staff. She is a superb teacher! She likes to be on the cutting edge of best practices for learners. She works so hard to be sure she is meeting the needs of all her students. She teaches with intent and always has the best interest of her students in mind. As a teammate, she is willing to help with whatever is needed and always goes the extra mile. She has a wonderful way of making suggestions and sharing ideas. she is an awesome co-worker. Besides all of that she is kind-hearted and caring to students and staff. She truly loves what she does and is passionate about the profession.