2024 Teacher of the Year

Building Represenatives for 2024 Teacher of the year:

Middle School: Zach Biggar

Lincoln/Mahube/Transitions: Heather Torgerson

High School: Lisa Eischens

ALC/MState: Nate Anderson

Rossman Elementary: Kacey Wood

Roosevelt Elementary: Amy Porter

Congratulations to the 2024 Teacher of the Year nominees:

Nate Anderson-ALC/MState

Lisa Eischens-High School

Amy Lakin-High School

Braeden Hogie-High School

Cali Harrier-High School

Mary Kvebak-High School

Tom Vagle-High School

Heather Torgerson-Lincoln/Mahube/Transitions

Johnna Thorson-Lincoln/Mahube/Transitions

Kiera Sannes-Lincoln/Mahube/Transitions

Garrett Jensen-Middle School

Jen Barberg-Middle School

Jenna Pipek-Middle School

Katie Biggar-Middle School

Laura Broderius-Middle School

Laura Jensen-Middle School

Nino Tarara-Middle School

Sam Gulon-Middle School

Zach Biggar-Middle School

Amy Porter-Roosevelt

Laura Flint-Roosevelt

Meredith Gulseth-Roosevelt

Sadie Skrove-Roosevelt

Shelby Laymon-Roosevelt

Becky Itzen-Rossman

Kacey Wood-Rossman

Kristi Downey-Rossman

Mark Whiting-Rossman

Molly Wenschlag-Rossman

Teri Holehouse-Rossman