2018 Teacher of the Year

Vicki Welke was drawn as the 2018 Detroit Lakes Teacher of the Year!

2018 Nominees

Kristi Joppru - Rossman

Kristi Joppru is an incredible teacher, wonderful colleague, and a hard-working life-long learner. The question "What is best for kids?" drives every decision she makes in her classroom. She is motivated to continue to learn best practices and thrives on learning new techniques. Kristi is also a valuable voice on several committees as well as a leader in the community. She is a mentor to many and a huge asset to our school.

Courtney Henderson - Middle School

Courtney is a stalwart and hard-working teacher in our building who quietly goes about her work without ever a complaint. She is dedicated to differentiating work for students at all levels - whether they qualify for special ed services or not - and is able to present content in a manner that reaches all students. She is a mentor to us all without trying, and faithfully follows through with tasks she is given or takes on voluntarily. Courtney is able to address concerns in a positive way, and her feedback to students and peers is consistently clear and framed in a constructive approach. When it comes to content mastery and delivering instruction at a vigorous level, Courtney is diligent and forward seeking. On top of all this, Courtney's family is still number one and her example of personal integrity and putting a positive step forward is second to none. In my opinion, Courtney has been Teacher of the Year for many years. It is time to formally recognize her.

Vicki Welke - High School

Vicki cares about her students and teaches with excellence in her subject area. One day I witnessed Vicki celebrate a student's birthday by bringing her a homemade quilt and cake to celebrate in study hall. This student was going through many struggles at home. Vicki made her feel so special and happy. Immediately the student put the quilt around her shoulders and hugged Vicki. Her smile was one I will never forget. This is the kind of teacher and person Vicki is and what makes her an excellent candidate for "Teacher of the Year."

Robbie Cox - Roosevelt

Robbie goes out of his way to make students and staff members feel special. He walks through the halls with a mission to build relationships. He has a positive outlook on school. He really makes his students feel like they have a purpose and treats them like they’re family. I am grateful to work with someone like Robbie Cox.

Nate Anderson - ALC

This is Nate's second year as counselor here at the ALC. I believe he has adjusted well and our program is better because of him. He has a great personality and is really able to connect with our students. He's fun, happy and adds laughter to our building every day!